Wilson Hills

Wilson Hills, Gujarat Overview

The Wilson Hills in Dharampur area of Gujarat is one of those spots which would make you state ‘goodness’ when you witness the regular and all encompassing magnificence of the spot. Mists gliding near the ground, rich green woods, wonderful atmosphere and fascinating perspective on the ocean from the ridge – Wilson Hills is a perfect spot for the individuals who love to do nature photography.

Arranged at a separation of 123 Km from Surat and around 54 Km from Valsad, Wilson Hills has a height of around 2,500 feet from the ocean level. In spite of the fact that it is somewhat warm throughout the mid year long periods of May and June, the cool ocean breeze blowing in from the Arabian Sea makes up for that viably. With the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary lying near the Wilson Hills area, it is that one spot which you should visit on the off chance that you are a nature darling. Spectacular valleys, unblemished lakes and foggy mists, not to overlook the delightful dawn and nightfall sees over the ocean, Wilson Hills is unquestionably going to give you some all encompassing perspectives at each stride! What’s more, Oh! What a marvel it is to visit during the Monsoon season!

Activities at Wilson Hills

You may visit the accompanying diverse touring places at and close to the Wilson Hills locale:

Barumal Shiva Temple: Situated along the street interfacing Wilson Hills and Dharampur, the Barumal Shiva Temple is one of the significant places of interest to visit. The same amount of as the sanctuary and its engineering are acclaimed, the spot is considerably more than that. The premises of the sanctuary likewise comprise of a guesthouse, bottle, and a walkthrough exhibition. In addition, the spot will captivate you with its excellence, so visit it without a doubt.

Wilson Hills Museum: Housing valuable ancient rarities and artifacts identifying with the historical backdrop of Wilson Hills and Dharampur, the Wilson Hills Museum, otherwise called Lady Wilson Museum, is an absolute necessity visit place on the off chance that you wish to become familiar with the spot.

Region Science Center: The principle objective behind the foundation of District Science Center in Dharampur locale is to investigate and grant information to its guests about the techniques and advances used to save the nature and condition of Wilson Hills. Arranged somewhere inside the innate areas of the region, the spot even composes exercises and occasions, for example, Indoor Exhibition, Traveling Exhibition, Digital planetarium with a 3D corridor for you to draw in with them.

Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls: Situated at a separation of around 10 km from Dharampur city, the twin cascades of Bilpudi, otherwise called Mavali Mata Waterfalls, is really an entrancing perspective to catch. All things considered, when one cascade drops water from a stature of around 30 feet, with another dropping water from 20 feet, who might decline to concur with the excellence of the spot?

Wilson Hills

All encompassing View of Wilson Hills

Ozone Valley Point: Situated at a separation of around 0.5 Km from the focal point of Wilson Hill, the Ozone Valley Point is an absolute necessity visit place in the event that you are either a nature sweetheart or a photography crack or both. Involving lavish green trees and foggy climate, the Ozone Valley is that one spot where you can go outdoors alongside your companions or family.

Dawn Point: Hit the rest catch somewhat right on time during your outing to Wilson Hills and visit the Sunrise Point to observe the delightful dawn with your unaided eyes. How the sun changes its hues, from red to pink to orange while along these lines rising and vanishing in the midst of the foggy mists is astounding, and will without a doubt make the remainder of your day!

Wilson Hills Sunrise Point

Nightfall Point: For those of you who are infatuated with the dusking sun as opposed to the unfolding sun, make a point to visit the Sunset Point on the Wilson Hills to catch the radiant perspective on the nightfall over the skyline.

Marble Chatri Point: Situated on the pinnacle of Wilson Hill, the Marble Chatri Point has its own history. According to authentic records, the Marble Chatri has been worked in recognition of Lord Wilson and is considered as a tribute from King Vijay Devji towards the Lord. Along these lines, make a point to visit the spot.

Shankar Waterfall Point: This is another renowned spot lying near Wilson Hills. Arranged at around 6 Km from Wilson Hills in the Sahyadri Mountains, the cascades will in general give you an impression that you are available in the laps of nature. After seeing the appeal of the cascades, you can make sure not to have seen such an excellent grand view in your life, it is that lovely!

Wilson Hills Gujarat

The way to Shankar Waterfall Point

Best Time to Visit

No season other than rainstorm (July – September) could be the best time to visit the heaven territory of Wilson Hills in Gujarat. Convenient showers of precipitation for the duration of the day will help you in implanting with the vibes of the spot, overlooking all the modernity and making the most of your trek without limit!

History of Wilson Hills

The history related with the Wilson Hills is very short yet fascinating. The spot procured its name in the memory of Lord Wilson, who happened to be the Governor of Mumbai from 1928 to 1923 AD. It is accepted that Lord Wilson and King Vijay Devji of Dharampur had wanted to form the area into a slope station, yet because of certain conditions, the activities couldn’t be started. It was distinctly in 2003 when Wilson Hotel Highland Initiative, a privately owned business, assumed responsibility for the advancement of the Wilson Hills area. From that point forward, the spot has kept on astonishing and entertain us with its pleasant scenes and landscapes.

The most effective method to Reach

Wilson Hills is arranged at a separation of around 123 Km southeast of Surat city whenever went along NH 48 and later along GJ SH 181. Further, the spot is around 54 Km east of Valsad city on GJ SH 181. From the city of Dharampur, the Hills lie at a separation of around 25 Km along GJ SH 181 towards the east of the city. In spite of the fact that the best way to achieve Wilson Hills is through street, the spot has availability with different methods of transportation, for example, railroads and aviation routes too.

On the off chance that you are intending to reach Dharampur city by means of aviation routes, it is encouraged to arrive at Surat city, and drive to Wilson Hills along National Highway 48. Further, you should change for Gujarat State Highway 181 at the Chikhli – Valsad Road to achieve the Hills. On the off chance that you are intending to achieve Wilson Hills by means of rail, you have to book your tickets up to Valsad station. From that point, you have to drive along Gujarat State Highway 181 to achieve the spot.

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