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Those who are movie buffs and like to watch movies anytime and anywhere must have heard and even used Movie HD Apk on their Android Devices. It allows users to stream and download movies and even television series in high definition i.e. 720p and 1080p.

Also we tend to might open our favourite videos in any media player that is put in on our android device like video Player etc. However the official movie HD App has sure disadvantages. 1st one being that it forces USA to put in their VPlayer that comes into the list of attainable adware.

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Secondly attributable to this installation we tend to get all types of advertisements. What if I say that there’s a re-packed version of movie HD App that is VPlayer free and utterly ad-free? Are u curious to know about it? Redditor riesdepies has done an amazing job by providing us with a modified version of Movie HD App which is called Hd Movie; formerly known as Multimod.

Read more to get to know some of the marvelous features of Hd Movie and steps for downloading and installation of Hd Movie Apk for Android Mobiles/Tablets with or without Root.

Hd Movie Apk Download|Hd Movie 4.7/4.6 App Latest Version

Download Lite Apk for android | install latest movie hd working and latest version Lite Apk. Install Hd Movie Apk for Android Mobiles/Tablets.

Hd Movie Apk Latest Working Version Download on Android/iOS(iPhone/iPad)

Below mentioned are the set of amazing features in Hd Movie App which makes it a real favorite for watching latest movies and television series.

• Latest Hd Movie v 4.6 and up works for both rooted and non-rooted devices as it might send a fake Android ID but the ID will always be unique thence creating it potential to relish on each unmoving and non-rooted devices.

• The light app doesn’t forces North American country to put in VPlayer that is being thought-about currently AN adware.

• Best half is that there’s no advertisements distressful U.S. and that we will relish the motion-picture show to the total with none shooting up ads in between.

• Also to prevent forced updates the internal version number of Hd Movie Apk is v9.9.9. So you can enjoy the app without being forced to install updates which might result in disturbing of the app’s working.

• There is no Device-ID Check in Hd Movie App so it will work on almost all Android devices.

• There is no Add or Remove Accounts permission.

• There is no Read Phone State and Identity permission.

• Hd Movie App has no SIM and IMEI check.

• The menu which used to show the option ‘Download | Custom | Play’ has been restored in Hd Movie App.

Steps to Install Hd Movie Apk & Latest Hd Movie App Download on Android

Following are the steps to download and install Hd Movie Apk for Android Mobiles/Tablets with or without Root.

Check this best alternative app for Hd Movie App “PB Online App” which is best for both android and iOS versions.

  1. First and foremost step is that if you have the original Movie HD App installed you need to uninstall the original Movie HD App before proceeding with the download and installation of Hd Movie Apk.
  2. Hd Movie App has no website or any social media page so I am giving you the download links below of the latest v4.6 and v4.7 of Hd Movie Apk.
  3. Hd Movie v 4.7 Apk From download from Here. or
  4. Hd Movie v 4.7 From Source : Download Latest Movie HD 4.7 Apk From Here.
  5. Hd Movie v4.6 Apk from From Here.
  6. Readers can get the Apk file from any one of the above given links. Try another if one doesn’t works for you.
  7. After you’ve downloaded the Apk file before proceeding with the installation give permission to your android mobile/tablets to install applications from unknown sources as this is required by the mobile device to get permission to it for installing apk.
  8. Then just launch the downloaded Apk file to initiate the installation process and within a few minutes the installation will finish.
    Installed Hd Movie Apk on Android
  9. Check your home screen and a shiny glittering icon of Hd Movie App will be there.

Hd Movie 4.7 Apk & Hd Movie 4.6 App Final Words

So that’s it guys and girls now you know how to download and install Hd Movie Apk for Android Mobiles/Tablets with or without Root. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite movies and television series without any kind of disturbances in between.

Movie HD app faced very bed error that is “No Connection” or “No media Found”. To solve this no internet connection error we have to install Hd Movie Apk in place of Movie HD App. Hd Movie Apk is guarantee working for many devices like Mi, Micromax, Samsung, Sony, Oppo, VIvo, Kindle Fire, One Plus, Lenovo, Motorola and many more devices.

In Our next article we will be dealing with this same Hd Movie Apk for iOS(iPhone/iPad) and Hd Movie App for PC, Laptop on Windows 10/7/8 or Windows 8.1/XP/Mac [64 Bit/32 Bit] OS Computer.