A decade ago smartphones started to take shape and started to come as powerful devices that can do more than just run a couple of Java games. Apple and Android had the requirement of RAM and Processor with more storage capacity for the media. Today we have smartphones that can handle Moviebox APK without any extra gear.

No one could tell that every single person will be able to watch LIVE TV and watch movies using Moviebox APK.

Smartphones that run iOS and Android are ruling mobile industry today.

Moviebox APK for Android

Among several apps, there is one app called “MovieBox APK”, or you can call it “Moviebox App.” Unfortunately, when you google the search term Moviebox apk download for android, then you cannot see Google Play site in the results.
The number of entertainment apps has increased and among them is “Moviebox for Android,” which is not available on Google play store. Finding the right app store is also difficult for Moviebox for Android.

We know that you need information that helps you Moviebox App download on your Android or iOS smartphone without any errors.

Unfortunately, many sites cover Moviebox APK download, but they fail to give you genuine file and information. So we are going to help you with information and guide you. 

What is Moviebox APK download?

Moviebox APK is an Android and iOS based application that lets you browse movies from a wide collection of various genres and languages without charging you a penny.

All you need is an active Internet connection that can handle 480P to 1080P, and then you can expect to watch the movies without any interruptions. You can watch movies, shows, and trailers from Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood, and more.

We know that many of you are not aware of the films industry, but if you can find your country film industry name, then you can access new and old movies. Keep one thing in mind that the number of Hollywood movies are higher than the rest of the film industry.

In Hollywood category, you can watch movies like Avengers, Ironman, Galaxy of the guardians, and more. Coming to the language and subtitles, which depends entirely on the user who uploads it? In many cases, you will find subtitles added to the movie, but if you are lucky, then there are few movies without any subtitles.

How Does Moviebox for Android Works?

Movies come in various resolutions that take a lot of GB’s. You need a high-speed Internet connection. You might have already known that Moviebox app for Android is an app that connected to a server in a different location or country. You need a fast Internet connection with at least 5MBPS speed.

After launching the app, you can access a huge collection of movies displayed on your screen. You will be able to select any movie, then tap on it to watch.

The application connects to the servers; then you will be able to stream the content. Remember, you have to be patient at first because it will load a little slowly, but once it picks up the pace, then you are good to go. 

What’s the catch behind Moviebox for Android?

  1. There’s no catch because you don’t have to pay a single penny from your end.
  2. The app developers use various portals and services to give you free content on the platform. You may not find all new movies in top-class quality because the original movie not released in DVD quality.

You have to download Install the latest version to experience new movies.

How to Install Moviebox on PC/Laptop

We know that it becomes a lot difficult for people to Install Android apps on their Windows PC. So follow our lead and steps to understand Installation guide.

To run any Android app on your Windows or Mac based PC. You PC must comply with requirements, which we are going to tell you.

  1. Windows PC is capable enough to run a simulator that used to run Gameboy and Nintendo games back in the day. Android Emulators runs on simulation, which you can use to run Android games and apps.
  2. The most popular among all emulators is Bluestacks, but that’s for latest laptops and PC that supports Intel-V or AMD Hyper-V. If your processor doesn’t support virtualization, then you are doomed and can’t run apps.
  3. To run an Android emulator with efficiency, then you need at least 2GB of RAM.
  4. Keep it in mind that old processors do not come with Intel-V and AMD Hyper-V because the technology not introduced back in those days. To learn more about your processor support, then Google your processor name and model, then check for “VIRTUALIZATION,” and if it says “YES” then you are good to go.
  5. You motherboard manufacturer should be able to handle it if your processor has Intel-V and Hyper-V option. But sometimes it is disabled by the manufacturer, but you can enable it from the BIOS.

Download Nox App Player.

Nox App Player recognizes Moviebox APK file in an instant, then click twice on it, then the app will be automatically installed on your PC.

How to Install Moviebox for Android?

The world smartphones market said that many people are using the Android smartphone for the first time. We are going to show you, how you can Instal an Android app on your smartphone.

First, download the Moviebox APK on your smartphone. Since the app is non-market, the installation instructions will be different from Play store apps. Do not forget that we do not hold any responsibility towards the Installation and app services.

You are responsible for damages and risk you are taking by Installing non-market app.

Click on button to

Step 1: Keep the file downloaded and ready to Install.

Moviebox apk-download

Step 2: Open menu and look for Moviebox for Android in your downloads tab.

Moviebox apk-download list

Step 3: Among all files, you have to tap on the downloaded app, then a small window will pop-up on your screen. You have to tap on the settings.

Moviebox apk-setting

Step 4: To give you the scenario, since you are Installing a non-market app, then Google Android warns you that you are installing an unverified app. You have to tap on “Unknown sources,” and move on.

Moviebox apk-unknown source

Step 5: Another small window will pop-up on your screen, and you have to click on “Allow this Installation only,” and move on. If the option is available for your version of Android, then you can go to Settings > Security > uncheck Unknown sources.

Moviebox apk-allow setting

Step 6: Now, you have to tap on “OK.”

Step 7: Android tells you the permission the application is asking you to grant. You should not SKIP this part and move on because it decides the safety of your data. Take one minute of your time to understand the permission grant the application is asking to you. Once you agree, then click on Install.

Moviebox apk-install

Step 8: These applications run in the background and it can drain your battery as well. Force stopping won’t help because it will reopen after few minutes.

Step 9: If you agree with terms and condition to granting access to your phone and content, then proceed.

Moviebox apk-installing

Step 10: It takes at least few seconds to one minute to install the application on any smartphone. The Installation speed should not matter even if you are using an old smartphone.

Moviebox apk-installed

Moviebox for iPhone Installed on your smartphones. Repeat the process if you have an error on your screen.

Moviebox apk-movie-list

If you have a free antivirus application running on your smartphone, then check for broken or corrupted files to avoid false Installations. Sometimes the virus program blocks non-market apps without your consent.

Download Moviebox For iOS / iPhone

We did not forget the iPhone or iPad users from our list. We know that someone would love to run Moviebox app on iOS devices and we would like to let you know that the application is available for iOS devices as well.

We may have scenarios where you might see crashes and freezing because these apps are not developed stable, and it may end up annoying you more. Moving to the Installation, then you can follow any YouTube video to install it on your iPhone or iPad device.

If you are desperate to watch movies via the free application, then give it a try. You can also focus on the content on the app, but make sure to read permissions the app is asking you to grant, then install it.

We doubt that you will get a stable version of the iOS file, but if you are insisting, then try it.

Why is Moviebox APK Not Available on Google Play?

Play store started by the search engine giant Google, who are known for quality and performance.

Google is a global phenomenon that pushed itself to take technology to another level. To create stability, they accept the rule of law and create policies for their company.

Every Android application added by the developers has to go through the various test. The Google has to make sure that every application uploaded to the play store verified and passes all policies. They have to make sure that it doesn’t violate any rules applied by the country’s law.

Distribution of the content without proper permissions and license is a direct violation of copyrights.

A company like Netflix signs deals and pay the creators of the show for licenses. Thus, the content on Netflix passes all Google policies because they’ve got permissions from the content creators.

By now, you can tell that Google team never accept and approve Moviebox app in the play store because it doesn’t have proper licensing and it breaks the most basic rule in copyrights section.

Apple application verifying team is also a lot difficult than Google. Moviebox has zero chance of getting placement on the app store because they don’t invite free streaming content that has no permissions from original creators.

How to Moviebox Download for PC?

We all have downloaded movies, videos, songs, and more from the Internet, and it is fun to have content saved in the smartphone.

We know that you also want to download those movies and entire content in your storage. But, unfortunately, the app does not have a download option and does not have a download manager.

On Google Play store, you can download several apps that allow you to download content from other applications. If nothing works, then you can start using Snaptube that lets you download content on many websites like YouTube, Yahoo, and more.

There are many websites out there you can download premium content, and you can Install 30-days trial Internet download manager, which fetch’s download links from the website.

You can use Snaptube and Internet download manager on your smartphone, and PC to fetch download links.

Our Review

We won’t suggest you something that isn’t right the users. So here’s our honest review on Moviebox APK for Android.

One: Most of the free apps that are not listed on Google Play store has Malware, Adware, and Trackers.

Two: Moviebox app might be spyware that keeps an eye on your online activity.

Three: We don’t have the proof, but the developers have not added any advertisements or donation button to gain few dollars to maintain the storage and servers.

In the business, there is a saying when there is no product to sell, and then you become the product.

These companies sell your anonymous information people or anyone who’s ready to buy data for the hefty amount of cash. It wouldn’t be right for you to let anyone use your information like Pictures, Videos, Data, Address, and more.


We cannot bring ourselves to recommend you Moviebox APK for Android because it isn’t good for you at all. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.